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to ensure that our customers’ requirements are met.

Founded in 1994, with the principal activity of procuring and marketing high precision machines. VIT has marketed precision measuring machines for the production of semi conductor and aerospace industry.

VIT started of as a sole agent for Werth Messtecknik products in this region. Our team have marketed numerous precision measuring machines for metal stamping, precision tool & die engineering, medical engineering plastic, aerospace and etc,. Our engineers & technicians are trained in Germany by our principal companies. Since the inception of our company, we have met our customers’ requirement for precision measuring of small parts to large equipment with great solidity.

We have contributed to the technological advancement of the automotive industry by introducing innovative machines to enhance the speed of automotive designs and coordinate the assembly of automotive parts. Without these technology, the labor requirement for fine dimensional check wouldn’t have been greater.

The key prerequisites for this approach are the modularity of our machines and the ability to flexibly configure them as needed for each measurement task with the goal of seamless integration in the production process. Our selection of machine technologies and sensors enable us to optimize a measuring machine for any task at hand. The flexibility of our measurement software allows the creation of user oriented interfaces and corresponding measurement sequences. The programs can also be parameterised, making them easy to adapt to complete part families so that it will also run with future operating system updates.

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